Professor, Dr. Sadig Veli oqlu SALAHOV

Prof., Dr. Sadig SALAHOV, Director of ISRAE

Sadig Veli oglu SALAHOV was born in 1946, in Sherur of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. After finishing secondary school in this region entered Polytechnic Institute in 1963, in 1968 graduated from “Technology” faculty of the same institute and became an engineer-technologist.

1968-1970 years, he worked at the Ministry of Cotton-Cleaning Industry and rewarded with the Jubilee Medal the “Bravery Labor”.

In 1970-1971, he worked in Polytechnic Institute as a teacher and 1971-1972 was in military service. In 1972-1977, he continued his labor activity in the Scientific Research Institute of Economics of State Planning Committee, firstly as researcher, then as a head of the section. In 1977-1983 worked in the Ministry of Light Industry “Azer Cotton Industry” Production Union in the “Manufacturing” section as the engineer, the head of department, but from the September of the same year he sent to the Council of Ministers of Republic.

Until September 1984, he worked in the Ministry of Light Industry Department’s Light Industry section worked as a senior expert.

From September 1984 until March 1988 worked as a deputy Minister of the cotton industry, after the ministry of production as deputy Ministry of the Cotton-cleaning Industry, after the Ministry becoming the Production Union he worked as a deputy of general director. In March 1988, he transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Economy and Organization (AzETKTI and TI) and October 1992, worked as a researcher and the head of the department.

These years, he spoke on the press the extensive articles on the development of cotton-growing and viticulture developmental perspective in republic, published 4 articles and 2 magazines about problems of cotton development. In 80 years, his scientific proposals are reflected in Cotton Complex development programs in republic. For this reason, in 1992 he invited to work again in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and during the 1992-1998 worked as chief in Cotton Processing Department and later as the General Director of Foreign Economic Relations Unity.

While working here, together with the semi-governmental organization, one of the France textile industry (CFDT) Scientific Research Centre on textile and light industry, he conducted the scientific research in market economy conditions on the development of cotton, on the base of receipt results of the jointly developed software project submitted to the government.

Due to the Agrarian reform, the Union liquidated in 1998, in 1998-2001 S.V.Salahov worked in non-governmental enterprises as an economic consultant.

From February, 2001 until May, 2001 Azerbaijan Science Research Institute of Agricultural Economy and Organization he worked as Deputy director for scientific works, from May till now he is working as the director of the same institute. During his leadership, the direction of the modern scientific research activities directed to the modern problems of the thematic plans for the agricultural sector, in this regard in the institute have been implemented structural changes. The country’s food security, agriculture, industry, government regulation, financial credit and investment issues, entrepreneurship development reproduction of the labor force, rural population social issues, social and industrial infrastructure development, structural policy, the cooperation and integration problems study and so on., these current topics are at the core of institute themes. Over the years, in the institute were held 5 republic and 4 international scientific practical conferences devoted to the actual problems of the agricultural sector. Institute also being in serious business association with Agrarian Policy Commission of National Assembly on improvement of the legislation activity of agricultural sector has become an agrarian economy scientific center in republic. During these years the scientific activities of the Institute remembered by its International scientific relations. So that, scientific researches carried out at the Institute within the frame of TACIS Programs, researches on agriculture production  works with the organization of German Federative republic “QTZ” in Gakh, Zagatala, Absheron districts the agriculture researches in following years, was leading direction of the institute in wide context. Especially against the backdrop of the deepening agricultural reforms on purpose to improve the economic efficiency of the production the creation at the institute of monitoring system of information since 2006 on the base of cooperation with the FAO the research on purpose of food security assessment give its real results today. In preparation of the concept of further agricultural sector development, and in deep integration stages of international organizations there is a great need for this research results. At present, in 3 pilot regions this system has been established. By 2015, covering all rural regions, AzSRAE&OI being a center of this system as the scientific research enterprise will be able to work in a stationary position and will prepare the scientific practical proposals relevant to state structures.

It was a significant turnover in the preparation of scientific personnel of institute. So, in 2003-2011 were prepared more than 80 highly qualified scientific personnel (Dr., Ph.D.) on agricultural economy. At present, the institute conducts research in more than 40 young scientific researchers. The Institute’s scientific cadre potential 40% is young. S.V.Salahov is the Candidate of Economic Sciences since 1990, but since 2006 a PhD in economics. He is the author of 7 books and numerous scientific and scientific-publicist articles. He directed his researches to agricultural sector’s the micro & macro levels problems, including production stimulation, regional development of field, food security, state support, management of the agricultural sector. He is first researcher of the scientific direction of state regulation of the agricultural sector in the country.

In 2005 his published monograph “The regulation of the agricultural sector” met with interest by government structures, scientific public and educational institutions. The analysis of the theoretical-methodological and practical aspects of the agricultural economy in terms of modern requirements, agricultural policy formulation and implementation of the policy issues related to the improvement of the strategy is the main theme of his latest scientific research. Researchers of the government regulation of agricultural sector problems are widely used from those sources. We can say that the school already formed in this direction. During the administration of S.V.Salahov institute scientific activity is expanded, has made significant progress in the development of international scientific cooperation.

So, today, has set up a high level of scientific cooperation with 5 research and training institute of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan Agricultural Sciences Research Academy, Uzbekistan Agriculture Scientific Reform Center, Belarus, Moldova and Dagestan republics agricultural research and training centers, the UN organization FAO and other international structures and carries out joint research projects. In the International Conference, symposiums and exhibitions (Britain, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine) on agrarian sector with the participation he represented our republic worthily. Under the leadership of S.V.Salahov 12 people defended his dissertation and received Candidate of Economic Sciences and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in economics of direction of the agrarian economy.

He has been the opponent of 11 PhD defense, the chief of 5 scientific magazines and the scientific adviser. Doctor of Economics, professor S.V.Salahov also excelled with activity in country public, is active participient in the scientific discussions in the media

Married, has two children and four grandchildren.


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