Deputy Director

 Ph.D. Rofat Nofal oglu HUSEYNALIYEV

Ph.D. Rofet HUSEYNALIYEV, Deputy Director of ISRAE

Rofat Nofal oglu HUSEYNALIYEV was born in 1957 in Gazakh region, in Chayly village. In 1974, he finished high school. From November of that year began to work in Baku c. in the building department No 87, as a laborer.

In 1975, he began study in D.Bunyatzadeh Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy, in the first course of “Accounting and Economics” faculty, in 1981 graduated from this institute. In 1982 he admitted to account cathedra of this institute for post-graduate study, full-time education.

İn 1988, in M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, he received the degree of candidate of economic sciences on accounting and analysis of efficiency of the work in the condition of direct relations between trade and agriculture.

1976-1978 he served in the Soviet Army. After the army he was established to his previous work. In 1979-1985, he worked in Baku Airport according to the specialty, then in the region 26-es, as the accountant at the Regional Fruit & Vegetable Commerce office.

In 1986-1988 worked in the Institute of Agricultural Economy and Organization of Ministry of Agriculture as a junior researcher. He was the author more than forty scientific articles in the field of accounting, Auditing and organization of the economy.

Since September 1988 he worked as the Head of Laboratory, and then worked as a teacher in Baku branch of Leningrad of N.A.Voznesenski Finance and Economy Institute. Since September 1990, in connection with the creation of Azerbaijan State Economy Institute on the base of the Leningrad Finance and Economy Institute he worked as a teacher in the “accounting and audit” cathedra, also as a head teacher and assistant professor.

In 1981 he graduated from the Moscow Financial Academy the professional development courses.

From October 2001 to July 1997, he worked as a Head of Internal Trade Regulation Department of Ministry of Commerce. From July 2001 to January 2010,  trying as a deputy head of department and Head of department at the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan Republic, Head of department he received the degree of “Public Service Advisor”.

This period he provided a number of draft legal documents.

In 2006,  In  2006, he led to the acceptance commission created by the Ministry of Economic Development, according to the cancellation of agreement concluded between the Ministry of Economic Development and “Baku high-voltage equipment” Joint Stock Company, about the right to manage “Ganjaelektricnetwork” and “Alibayramlyelektricnetwork” joint-stock companies, also led to the acceptance commission created by the Ministry of Economic Development together  “BarmekHoldinq Inc.” and “Barmek Azerbaijan E.Ş.” between the two E.N. stock companies in connection with the cancellation of the agreements about the right to manage “Bakuelektricnetwork” və “Sumqaitelektricnetwork” Open Joint-Stock Companies.

On January 15, 2010 until January 15, 2014, worked as deputy director of the Scientific Research Institute of Economic Reforms of Ministry of Economic Development and From February 2014 until October 2015, the State Social Security Service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of population in Yasamal and Garadagh districts worked as the director of the of Social Protection Center.


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