Scientific Secretary

Ph.D. Eldar Ali oglu QULIYEV

Scientific Secretary Ph.D. Eldar QULIYEV

Eldar Ali oglu QULIYEV was born in a family of intellectuals on August 2, 1970, in Tovuz city. 

In 1987, he graduted from the secondary school named after Yusif Sadigov in Bozalqanli village, Tovuz. 

During the years from 1985 till 1987 in school, he was selected as a director of the first experimental pupils’ sovkhoz in the USSR, then he became a member of the bureau of the Komsomol Committee of Tovuz city, and a representative of the XXXII Congress of the Komsomol of Azerbaijan and the XX Congress of the All-Union Komsomol.

In 1991, after military service from 1988 till 1990, he worked as a worker at the Tovuz Canning Factory, in 1992, he worked as a vineyard team leader at the Bozalqanli Vineyard-Breeding Stock Farm of Tovuz city.

In 1992, he was admitted to the Faculty of Economics, Azerbaijan Agriculture Academy, and in 1997, he graduted from the Academy with the qualification of organizational-economist, and start to work at the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Agriculture Institute by appointment.  

Since 1997, he worked first as a junior research fellow, then – as senior and leading research fellows, and a head of department.

In 1999, he participated in a 6-month course in the Agriculture Institute in Germany. He has also been awarded certificates of several international institutions and a diploma of CMYT International Research Center.

Over the working period, he has worked on the dissertation thesis “Directions for improving agricultural production”, defended his thesis and awarded Ph.D. degree on economics in 2006.

E.Guliyev has up to 20 scientific papers in 5 printed sheets published in various publications and journals. 

Married, has a child.



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