Scientific Council

The main goals and directions of the Scientific Council are as follows: selection of actual and priority topics, approvement Institutuion’s and researchers’ Work and Development Plans, preparation of highly qualified staff, increasing the qualification of scientific staff, support of international cooperation, as well as the formation of a highly scientific-cooperation enviroment.

The Scientific Council holds meetings at least once a month for implementation of the goals and solving issues on the agenda. 

The Scientific Council consists of 17 members, including the Director, the Deputy Director, Heads of Departments, Senior and Leading Research Fellows of the Institute.



  1. SALAHOV Sadıg Vali oglu, Chairman of the Scientific Council, Prof., Dr.
  2. HUSEYNALIYEV Rofət Nofəl oglu, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
  3. QULIYEV Eldar Ali oglu, Scientific Secretary, Ph.D.
  4. XALILOV Hamza Agakishi oglu, Senior Research Fellow, Prof., Dr.
  5. IBRAHIMOV Islam Haci oglu, , Dr.
  6. ABBASOV Vahid Hacıbey oglu, Senior Research Fellow, Assistant Professor, Dr.
  7. CABIYEV Rauf Mirza oglu, Leading Research Fellow, Prof., Dr.
  8. VALIYEV Akif Hamza oglu, Head of Department, Dr.
  9. ALIYEV Sahib Bayram oglu, Head of Department, Ph.D., Chairman of Trade Unon Committee (TUC)
  10. RZAYEV Veli Rza oglu, Head of Department, Ph.D.
  11. MEHDIYEV Mehdi Qurban oglu, Head of Department, Ph.D.
  12. ZEYNALLI Alisa Tevekkul oglu, Ph.D.
  13. MAMMADOVA Mushfiqe Ejder kizi, Head of Department, Ph.D.
  14. RAHMANI Esger Veli oglu, Head of Department
  15. BABAYEVA Vusale Musa kizi, Head of Deparment, Ph.D. 
  16. QASIMOVA Elmira Ismayıl kizi, Head of Department, Ph.D.
  17. HUSEYN Ramil Zahid oglu, Dr.


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