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The Scientific Library Foundation, operating since the establishement of the Institute for Scientific Research on Agriculture Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture fo the Republic of Azerbaijan, is rich in a number of materials, such as literatures, monogprahies, textbooks, abstracts, essays, newspapers and journals.

The total volume of the Library’s Fund is 8770 books by the end of 2016. Some of them are in the archives, while the remaining 3561 books are in the Library. 892 of them are in Azerbaijani and 2759 are in Russian.

In 2016, the Library received 71 copies of fresh books in 17 titles, of which 56 books are in Azerbaijani and 15 are in Russian.

These books refer to the economics, agriculture and related scientific areas, technical books and others.

The Library also receives abstracts. The total number of the abstracts are 376, of which 243 are in Azerbaijani, 133 are in Russian. In 2016, a number of recevies abtracts were 10, of which 7 are in Azerbaijani, 3 are in Russian.

For attention of our Readers, a part of exsisting database of the Library is available in electronic form, please download them as a PDF file: 


The Library is open for public use, for more information and to visit the Library contact information as follows:

Ms. Aelita S.IGIDOVA


AZ1029, 1, 8th Cross Street, Boyuk Shor Settlement,

Baku city, Republic of Azerbaijan,



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