Law, Human Resources and Clerical Work Department


Head of Department

The Department of ”Law, Cadre and Clerical work” carries out personnel affairs in accordance with the aim of the Azerbaijan Republic Labor Law, the Regulation of the Institute, the instructions and the orders of the directors.

The Department carries out its activities in accordance with the regulations “Law on clerical work”, “Human resources accounting, execution of necessary reports”. The Department  is responsible for personnel management in the Institute.


Activity Direction of the Department:

– Timely formalizes orders on recruitment, changing the employee’s position or dismissal of employees  in accordance with the Azerbaijan Republic Labor Law, the “Regulations” and the orders of the director

– Prepares the labor contracts while workers are accepted to work, making of documents in accordance with the law, creation of employees’ personal data

– Resolves the problem by taking the director’s proposals and the workers’ applications into consideration when workers’ positions are changed

– Keeps the record of workers’ continuity reports, examines the violations of work discipline

– Arranges and supervises the business trips

– Provides annual leave to workers and ensures  their registration;

– Accepts applicants for employment, provision of attestation to increase employees’ professionalism

– Creates the salary table

– Regulates the Human Resources reports and delivery to the required person on time


Head of Department


Telephone: (+99412) 514-84-08



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