Agrarian Policy and Entrepreneurship Department


Activity Directions of the Department:

Head of Department

– Determine the specialization in agricultural  production  throughout the country. Analyse  the economic efficiency of production specialization and preparation of related proposals;

– Determinate  the  volume of demand for agricultural products throughout the country (according to types of product);

– Estimate the  production of agricultural products (for medium term, 2017 and for the next 3 years);

– Processing problems of agricultural products and prepare the related proposals;

– Current situation on export of agricultural products, learn the experience of developed countries in this field, analsуs the effect of increasing export potential on the development of agriculture and prepare the related proposals;

– Analyse  the current situation of the implementation of economic mechanisms (finance, credit, insurance, price) in agriculture and preparation of related proposals for learning and development of foreign experience in this field;

– Analyse the current situation of the implementation of agricultural subsidization mechanism and preparation of proposals for its improvement considering international experience;

– Preparation of proposals for establishment of agricultural logistics system;

– Determinate the optimum criteria for agricultural entrepreneurship and preparation of related proposals;

– Determinate the potential opportunities for the production of organic agricultural products and prepare  the related proposals.

Research papers:

  • FY 2015 «Areas of implementing the progressive economic mechanisms on agriculture»
  • FY 2016 «Improving the economic mechanism of agricultural production»
  • FY 2017 «Improvement aspects of insurance and leasing in agriculture»

Head of Department:


Telephone:  (+99412) 514-84-13


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