Economic Problems of Agrarian Scientific-Technical Development Department


Head of Department

The goal in its formation is not only to show the role of scientific-technical development in obtaining robust food safety, but  analyzing the current situation and carrying out practical work for possible development in our country.

Activity directions of department:

– Establishes food safety in the country and increasing the export potential of agriculture and preparation of related proposals

– Obtains high economic indicators and determines the effective ways of using new techniques

– Determines the economic importance of passing from traditional farming methods to progressive farming methods

– Determines the role of scientific-technical development in obtaining robust food safety

– Analyzes the current situation of the use of innovative technologies in agriculture in the country and prepares suggestions for possible development

– Learns the foreign experience by considering the specific characteristics of our country

– Determines the application mechanisms and methods of scientific technological development


Research papers:

  • FY 2016 «Role of scientific-technical development in the safe food supply»

Head of Department


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