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Akif Aliyev was born on April 19 in 1951 in Qafan region of Armenia.

In 1957 he went to secondary school.

In 1967 he graduated from high school, entered the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, geography and biology faculty, in 1972 he graduated from institute. 

A.Aliyev of Azerbaijan State Land Planning project Institute in September 1972 began his labor activity, as an engineer of soil scientist.

In April 1975, he worked in the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry as a junior researcher, in 1976-1979 was a post-graduate student of the same institute.

In 1981, he defended and received title the degree of candidate of agricultural sciences. In 1983, on the results of his work according to research conducted by the Land Cadasters was the Laureate of “Geotechnical – 82” All-Union contest, according “the soil quality price map” compiling was awarded the bronze medal of the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of the People.

Since 1984, at the Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry a senior researcher, and from 1992 till September 1990 he worked as a group leader. The direction of the research work carried out – the quality of the land and its productivity impact assessment, land cadaster.

In 1991, he received the rank of senior researcher.

From September 1992, he worked as the first deputy chairman of the State Land Committee, since February 1993 until July 1997, the first deputy chairman, at the same time as acting chairman. He led to the preparing of legislative basis for the development of land reform, to the implementation of the reform and to the regulation of new land relations.

1998, he worked in Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan as a head researcher, from the November of the same year as a head of department, in September of 2001 till now works as a scientific secretary of the institute. The direction of the research work carried out – covers the problems of formation of land relations in agriculture, the Improvement of works on Land Cadasters and the Increasing of economic efficiency in using of lands.

A.Valiyev defended theme “The problems raising economic efficiency of land use in Azerbaijan” the doctoral dissertation, and for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences has examined in the Higher Attestation Commission.

More than 110 his scientific works in total volume of 92 printed pages (printed  22 pages are his co-authors) have been published.

Including, the doctoral dissertation total volume of 60 printed pages, 70 scientific papers, 14 scientific articles of them printed abroad, 2 monographs (“Principles of regulation of land-property relations” Baku, “Nur” Publishing House, 2005, 177p., and “Land of means of production, such as: basic provisions, results, recommendations and proposals “Baku, “East-West” Publishing House, 2011, 84 p.), and 2 bulletins were published.

Between 1978-1996, “News of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan”, “Agricultural News” and “Subtropical plants – Anasuelli-Makharadze” magazines: land resources and their rational use, soil properties influence on agricultural production, agro-ecological characteristics and a qualitative assessment of land, the methodological basis of the valuation of land under crops, covering a variety of issues related to the amount of printed pages 32 to 40 scientific articles have been published in other publications.

Akif ALIYEV is actively involved to the working group of “Agrarian Policy Committee” of Azerbaijani Parliament for preparation of the legislative base and the improvement.


Department for Socio-Economic Analysis of Land Use

The Department was established in 2015 on the basis of the Department of The Use of Production Resources and Agroservice.

– Scientifically prove the ways of solving the problems encountered while using from the land and preparing related proposals

– Examine the soil of the Republic according to economic and administrative regions, learning the state of suitable lands of agriculture, the existing crop structure, determining the current situation of use of the soil in the production of agricultural products, preparing appropriate proposals for raising the production potential

– Determine the factors affecting the efficient use of soils and ways to improve them

– Determining the potential productivity of suitable lands for agriculture, analyse the current situation in the irrigated lands, land development and irrigation and prepare proposals.


Research Papers

  • FY 2015 «Evaluate the level of using of arable land»
  • FY 2016 «Develop the aspects of efficient use of agricultural land»
  • FY 2017 «Evaluate the current situation of the use of soil in the production of agricultural products and directions of increasing of production capacity»

Head of Department 


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