Information and Monitoring Department


Activity Directions of the Department:

Head of Department


– Takes part in the implementation of state policy towards the development of agricultural science in the country

– Makes comparative economic analysis and preparing reasonable proposals based on information gathered in crop production and livestock production related to the perspective development of agriculture taking into account the natural climate conditions for the regions

– Teaches new knowledge and skills to businesses operating in agriculture in the regions, especially family-peasant farms, setting up the first accounting database, providing assistance in the provision of information-counseling services

– Determinates business types by screening methods according to economic zones, carries out initial accounting in the included economic entities, creates the information in the electronic information system


Research Papers

  • FY 2015 «Processing of data collected in Aran and Ganca-Kazakh economic regions and preparation of regional-political review for those who accept decisions on food safety»
  • FY 2016 «The development of the information and monitoring system is based on the progressive agricultural statistic»
  • FY 2017 «Directions of developing the mechanism of formation of the information-monitoring system in agriculture»

Head of Department


Telephone: (+99412) 514-84-03



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