Use of Labor Resources and Research of Agricultural Labor Market Department


Activity aspects of the Department:

Ph.D. Elmira QASIMOVA 
Head of Department


– Demographic status of population, factors affecting it, aspects of improvement

– Employment and unemployment problem of population: analysis, solution and priorities of problem

– The formation, trends and development aspects of the labor market

– Income of the population, salary status, problems, tendencies and directions of promotion

– Social security and related issues

– Organizational issues of social infrastructure, problems and aspects of improvement


Research papers

FY 2015: “Analysis of the socio-economic development of rural areas and the current situation of people’s living standards”

FY 2016: “Raising the employment and income level of the village population”

FY 2017: “Regulation of effective use of labor resources in rural areas and directions of creating labor market”


Head of Department

Ph.D. Elmira QASIMOVA 

Tel: (+99412) 514-84-16


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