History of Activity

The History of establishment and development of the INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS (ISRAE) is indissolubly connected to the formation of agriculture science in Azerbaijan.

The Institute established on the basis of the Department of Economics at the Agriculture Academy by the Decision No. 399, dated May 8, 1962 of the USSR Council of Ministers. At that time, the development of new economic relations in rural areas were explained with factors, such as change of forms and methods of farming, specialization on territories, establishement of peasant cooperatives, organization of public production and so on.

The first Director of the Institute, Prof., Dr. Ismayil Hasan oglu Aliyev led at the Institute during the years of 1962-1963. Then a number of well-known scientists and organizers in the field of agriculture production, agro-industrial complex development headed by Prof., Dr. Sultan Abbas oglu Mirzayev (1963-1973 years), Kerim Mammad oglu Gayibov (1973-1977 years), Rasim Feti oglu Mammadov (1977-1979 years), Ph.D. Ahmed Hafiz oglu Haciyev (1979-1987 years), Prof., Dr. Hasan Allahyar oglu Qasimov (1988-1992 years), Prof., Dr. Ahmed Choban Verdiyev (1993-2000 years).

Since 2001, Prof., Dr. Sadiq Vali oglu Salahov is headed.


Agrarian economists of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In July 1969, after Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev became the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, the country’s agriculture policy has radically changed. H.Aliyev made a speech at the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan in August of the same year. H.Aliyev in his speech substantiated the main directions of the socio-economic development of the Republic and attached great importance to agriculture.

The work that began in the 80s of the last century in the field of management and reorganization of the economy has had a negative impact on the economy of the Republic. Therefore, the burden of the unresolved economic and social problems of the country is gradually increasing, and then there is no choice but to disperse the country. An analysis of the agrarian sector’s economy data at the beginning of the 1990’s shows that almost all areas of the agrarian sector work at a low level, leading to economic depression.

At the same time, the productivity of all agricultural crops has dropped. In the agricultural production, the atmosphere of non-farming dominated, and labor productivity had dropped dramatically. Sown areas of agricultural crops were reduced year by year. The lowest wage in the national economy was in agriculture. That is why employees of the institute have thoroughly analyzed the state of affairs in the country, gave scientifically-practical recommendations and wrote a number of monographs and books.

Over the years, along with growing demand, the Institute is becoming an important research center for agrarian research, development and production of new destinations, meeting new challenges.

It is necessary to note that after the post-independence period, especially in 2001-2016 years, there is a need to strengthen the human resources with the formation of agronomist academics, publication of books and monographs with direct participation of the Institute’s employees, to establish and expand cooperation, and to hold numerous scientific and technical events.




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